Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Products

Go Green with Dry Carpet Cleaning Products

You probably want to clean your carpet so fast for a later occasion happening in your home indoors. However, the carpet is full of dirt and spots from family members including the pet. Look no further we have dry carpet cleaning products outlined for you and with a surety of health and safety for everyone and the environment. These products are readily available at amazon at your own convenience.

Usually, dry carpet cleaning is mostly public facilities that require maintenance and are busy at a 24-hour system or where low-moisture is a necessity. The public facilities include shopping malls, hospitals, showrooms, nursing homes, hotels, offices, airports and banks. Dry carpet cleaning can be by using dry chemical substances or cleaning solvents and for sure they will break down any dirt their find on their way deep down to the fibers. Here we are giving you the best option since we are concerned with protecting the nature. We present to you the green products that are eco-friendly to show our concern for the environment.

However, one thing to note, the meaning of dry-cleaning method can sometimes be misconstrued and misleading.  This is because experts usually use little moisture content that complements the dry compounds.

One big advantage that dry carpet cleaning has over the other methods is the time factor. With dry cleaning technique, you can use your home carpet after completing your cleaning. In this regard, dry carpet cleaning products and their compounds are often used in the industrial setting due to time consideration.

HOST Dry Extraction System

Its products usually accompany the HOST Dry Extraction System. The system has undergone vast development and extensive research since 1938. That only tells how experienced the system is and ascertains quality. It has seen approval by worldwide carpet and fibers manufacturers and safe for cleaning all carpet types. HOST Dry Cleaning System offers a great package of green, clean and dry carpet for your home. Whether you want to hurriedly eliminate a spot or spill, tidy up high traffic areas or deep clean your carpet wall to wall, HOST® offers a full line of products that will meet all of your carpet cleaning desires. It is the pathway to keeping your carpets cleaner and for long.

Let’s now have a feel of what the HOST Dry Cleaning System entails.

HOST® Dry Clean Machine

HOST machine has been manufactured in a way that is user-friendly. You need not hire an expert or be skillful to clean- in fact in HOST, do-it-yourself is a common phrase. The machine is easy to maintain, no absorb expenses incurred in the maintenance. Cleaning-up using the machine takes less than 5min and you’ll be done. The fact that no attachments to loosen up, no re-filling and no rinsing saves time and energy!



The cleaning kit contains all the necessary materials you need to deep clean spots, high traffic areas, and spills to eliminate them conveniently and swiftly. It contains 2.5 lb. HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack, HOST Carpet Brush, and8 oz. HOST Spot Remover, which can be fit with a handle for easy, stand-up cleaning.

Odor Exploder

The Odor Exploder gets rid of unpleasant odors from the carpets permanently. Has the power to devolatilize and absorb odor molecules masking them. Ideal for pet odors and in the garage.41cdBpNthhL._SY355_ Anywhere in the house, odor problem can be eliminated completely.

HOST® Spot Remover

This HOST Spot Remover works on the toughest and stubborn spots. Nothing works better than HOST Spot Remover. It comes in an 8 oz. bottle.

When appropriately upheld and cared for, the loads of vertical fibers that make up your carpet are an exceptional sifter for soil and particulates that would else be airborne in your41+MWEouw1L._SY355_ home. The indoor air quality of one’s home is imperative for every person, but then again particularly for those with sensitivities and other breathing concerns. When it comes to choosing a proficient cleaner, remember drier is better when it comes to IAQ. “Dampness is the major cause of mold and other indoor air problems.”


Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner

Natural & Cleans Advanced dry carpet cleaner comprises masses of miniature, lenient sponge-like granules which absorb dirt once agitated into the carpet fiber. Agitation can be performed by applying with your fingers, of course with gloves on, for safety measures. Alternatively, use a soft bristle brush to make the carpet clean, fresh and dry. Just as simple as that, and the carpet is ready for use-no-dry
waiting time.41giDv9ksbL._AC_UL320_SR190,320_

This dry carpet cleaner changes color; dissolves and absorbs the filth residue from the carpet fibers, confining the dirt till vacuuming is done.

It is safe for use with children, pets, and the environment. The product is a biodegradable product, organic and natural. Additionally, it is dermatologically balanced, has a pH of 5.5 the same as humans making it safe to handle and use. Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner is infused with an eco-aware formula with high absorbent capability leaving your carpet free of residue and dirt. It is solvent and phosphate free.

Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner is all round, can be used on all types of carpeting. Both man-made and natural fibers including coir and sisal can be cleaned using this dry carpet cleaner. Feel confident in spending your money for a worthy cause to keep your carpet clean in a healthy manner. The Wool Board has approved the Natural & Clean, dry carpet cleaner after passing very vigorous tests independently.

Oreck Orbiter Carpet Value Kit

To facilitate effective and fast dry carpet cleaning, Oreck has prepared
a full package to ease your cleaning in a quick time. The package contains Oreck Premist® Soil Release Spray, No Return® Odor and Stain Remover , White Terrycloth Bonnet, and a 4 lb. Oreck Dry Carpet® Cleaning Powder41EzhN29CzL._SX355_
Using Oreck Cleaning Powder leaves your carpet new, no sticky residue left behind to cause e-soiling. The dry cleaning product contains particles engineered to do a good job on your carpet. The particles absorb tough stains, spots, soil, pet stains, odors, and allergens. Oreck Dry Carpet Powder eliminates all types of residue from any carpet, upholstery, and other house fabrics.

The particles are sponge-like containing water-based cleaning solution with a light lemon-scented freshener giving the indoor environment a cool fragrance.

Featured in the product package is a 16 oz. with Oreck Premist Soil Release complemented with a brush applicator. The bottle is 2.5 lbs. of the cleaning powder which offers a quick, effective and easy cleaning process.

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