Bissell ProHeat Deep Cleaner

This house cleaner is very effective in picking up dirt and stains.This was proved to us, following vigorous test with the Carpet cleaner. Bissel ProHeat 2X Cleaner is very handy as it comes with some whistles and some handy bells.

Following tests of more than 30 carpet cleaners, this machine proved to as the best of its class following its inbuilt heater that warms up the cleaning solution. As we all know, Warmer cleaning solutions always is more effective.

You will definitely fall in love with its water extraction system, which removes most of the water in the Carpets we tried it on. Enhancing a faster drying time for the materials we were working on.

Among reasons why you need to own this cleaning machine is it’s on-spot cleaning mechanism. Bissel ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Deep cleaner spot cleaning feature sprays a concentrated stream of cleaning solution directly on the stain you want to remove. This proves more efficient as you are able to concentrate on the spot, without having to clean the whole Carpet or rug.Bissell ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Cleaner

The Carpet cleaner is also top notch as it is very easy to operate. Its controls are easy to Understand and Use. I spent not less than 5 Minutes fiddling with its buttons. Sooner had I turned into a pro using it.

This is ultimate the Carpet cleaners for Noobs like me, Who hates reading Manuals. Though the manual is complete and very accurate.

Its efficiency and performance makes it a suitable carpet cleaner on high traffic areas such as Banks, Hotels, schools, Institutions, and even residential areas. It guarantees you a quick wash in very little time.

Despite its many advantages, I found Bissell ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Deep cleaner quite heavy and tough to push around. This was made easier by the back wheels and no more seemed as an issue.


I would recommend to anyone who want his job done fast and in the most efficient way. You can never go wrong with this Carpet cleaner. Did I mention its Warranty? Bissell ProHeat comes with a limited one year warranty and even Scotchgard five-year limited stain warranty.